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Knowing the best technique is only part of the process, my philosophy of massage is it's a healing ministry. Your health, peace, and happiness is of utmost importance. Choose Swedish, Stone, Firm, or Hybrid.

Permanent Hair Removal

Unwanted facial hair has huge esteem issues for many women. I provide hope, real results, and help women gain back their confidence. Electrolysis permanent hair removal is effective on all hair types. Request a consultation.

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From massage, facials, and body wraps, as a licensed esthestician I am dedicated to your health and beauty. Try one of our relaxation packages to Detox, Rejuvenate, and RELAX! We're here to help you heal, restore, and refresh.


Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Welcome to the only permanent choice for eliminating your unwanted hair, building YOUR ESTEEM, and discovering new, MORE CONFIDENT, YOU! Your comfort, safety and results are our focus …

Serving the hair-removal needs of both women and men in the Lake of the Ozarks area, we offer comfortable, professional treatments in a relaxed setting.

  • Hospital-level universal sanitation practices; sterile, single-use probes
  • Electrolysis is safe and effective for ALL hair colors and all skin types
  • Tried & True -130+-year track record providing permanent results
  • Electrolysis is great for post-laser cleanup—removes hair that laser is unable to target

Achieving the hair-free look you desire is just one phone call away!

  • Consultation : $30
    All the information and education you need to decide if electrolysis is right for YOU.  Includes 15 minutes of the procedure. 

  • One Hour : $75
    Any Area

  • 15 Minutes : $30
  • 30 Minutes : $45
  • 45 Minutes : $55

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My First Visit - What To Expect

Here are some steps you can take for a more RELAXING and positive ELECTROLYSIS experience.

Before Your Appointment:

  • Never make an appointment when you know you will be rushed, stressed or tired. Give yourself this time.
  • Women-Do not make appointments just before or during your period if you know you are irritable or sensitive at that of the month.
  • Avoid caffeine before your appointment. It can act as a stimulant and make you irritable and jumpy.
  • Try to avoid direct sun exposure 48 hours before your treatment to avoid dilation of blood vessels.
  • Drink water. A hydrated follicle is easier to treat.
  • Some clients feel less discomfort if they have a full meal before their appointment.
  • Some clients find a Tylenol or Advil 30 minutes before their session helpful.
  • If acceptable, shave or use a cream depilatory 5-7 days before the scheduled appointment. This will ensure a higher Anagen ratio with smoother insertions and epilations.
  • If needed, apply (your physician prescribed or over the counter) numbing cream, such as EMLA 2.5% thickly to the area to be treated 1 hour before the scheduled appointment time. Cover the area with saran wrap to ensure the penetration, and avoid evaporation of the topical. *The majority of clients do not find topical numbing cream is necessary, as the procedure is mildly uncomfortable to most. However, every client is unique.
  • Bring your own favorite music on your phone or we'll play relaxing spa music, or your favorite on Pandora.


Before & After - How to Prepare

Before and After Your Electrolysis Treatment

It's completely natural for our skin to have a reaction to electrolysis treatments. If you know how to prepare and what to expect, your skin will have its best chance to heal without incident. When administered by a qualified electrologist using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, the results from electrolysis are exciting!


  • Stop tweezing, waxing or removing your hair for at least 3 days or more before your appointment. Hair must be long enough to be seen and grasped by a tweezer after being epilated.
  • Moisturize your skin regularly before your treatments and to facilitate easier hair removal.
  • Exfoliate your skin gently on a regular basis before treatment. Discontinue exfoliation 48 hours prior to procedure.
  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for 48 hours prior to treatment. Sunburned skin cannot be treated.
  • Taking your favorite OTC pain reliever such as Aleve® or Motrin® 45-minutes before your treatment can help your comfort level.
  • No Retin-A, Retinol, or other Facial Chemical Peel products one week before or after treatment.
  • When working on upper lip, If you have a cold sore, reschedule your appointment.


  • Do not scratch or touch the treated area. Bacteria from all the surfaces you've touched after you have left the treatment room can cause a breakout.
  • Use pure Aloe gel to soothe and keep the skin moist without clogging the newly treated follicles. Aloe gel can be used throughout the day as needed.
  • Do not wear makeup over the treated area for 24 hours. It can cause irritation.
  • Avoid alcohol-based products on your skin as they can have a drying effect.
  • No heavy creams on the skin for 48 hours.
  • If unusual redness occurs mix a small dab of Polysporin with a small dab of .5% Cortate cream using a clean Q tip and apply to the affected area twice a day.
  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least 48 hours post-treatment. This could cause hyper pigmentation.
  • Tiny "pimples" may sometimes appear. If they do, use a warm witch hazel compress on them and dot and anti-bacterial gel on them once a day for a couple days—no longer than needed. They'll heal on their own.
  • A pinpoint crust or scab may develop that resolves into a tiny red dot or simply disappears. It is important to remember that scabs can be a part of the normal healing process in some people. If scabs occur, keep them moist with aloe gel or mild soap and water and allow them to fall off on their own. DO NOT not pick them off. Doing so risks scarring that's totally avoidable.
  • Try not to shave, wear makeup or apply deodorant to the treated areas for at least 48 hours
  • Do NOT use anti-aging or exfoliating facial products for 48 hours or until any scabs are healed.
  • If uncomfortable, Cool the treated area. Your skin will be red and possibly slightly swollen after your session. A cool compress (NO DIRECT ICE!) is not only soothing, it can help bring swelling down. Redness and slight swelling is completely normal and will resolve shortly after your session.
  • Don't wear tight-fitting clothing that can cause friction or retain moisture. If you must wear tight clothing/uniforms, apply an antibacterial before dressing.
  • No sauna use, lake or river swimming for 48 hours
  • Wait at least 48 hours to exfoliate. Gentle exfoliation only.
  • Skip the workouts for 48 hours. Sweat is a primary way of introducing bacteria into follicles. Your body may react by producing pimples.
  • Sunscreen must be worn at all times of the year. This is a must even if you're NOT getting electrolysis treatments. It's extra-important after electrolysis sessions to reduce the possibility or effects of hyper pigmentation if your skin is inclined to this effect. At the very least, you want to protect the newly treated skin from harmful sun exposure.

If you keep these pointers in mind when you book your electrolysis appointment, you should have a positive experience with positive end results - smooth, hair-free skin, radiant confidence, and increased self-ESTEEM!

What Causes Excess Hair Growth?

According to current medical science, excessive hair growth is primarily caused by three factors:

  • Normal Systemic Changes
  • Heredity
  • Glandular Disturbances

For hormonal imbalance or PCOSNormal Systemic changes occur throughout women's lives, hormones fluctuate and can cause hair to grow unexpectedly. Hormonal changes and conditions account for many problems besides unwanted hair. The cause can be related to puberty, menopause, pregnancy, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), an underlying medical condition, your genetic makeup, and even some medications.

Glandular Disturbances originate in the endocrine system, which is responsible for our physical development. Certain medications, such as male hormones, birth control pills, and even pregnancy can disrupt the delicate endocrine balance and produce unwanted hair. You may want to see an endocrinologist to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. For the hair, electrolysis is THE SOLUTION!

Hereditary Hirsutism, excessive and abnormal growth of hair, is found in all nationalities, some more than others. Electrolysis can permanently solve this problem regardless of nationality or the amount of hair. However, many cases of “excessive” hair growth are actually normal in relation to the physiological changes the client may be going through, just as it is normal for many men to go bald. Most instances of baldness are cause by heredity and are considered normal. It is worth noting that stress (both emotional and physical) can stimulate the adrenal glands to initiate a hormonal reaction that can cause finer hairs to become more coarse and noticeable. Increased blood supply can also stimulate hair to grow thicker and darker. Waxing and tweezing can cause an increase in blood supply in many clients while others experience reduction of hair growth. For the hair, electrolysis is THE SOLUTION!

What is a Normal Hair Growth Cycle?

All hair, regardless of the area of the body, has a different growth cycle. Eyelashes and eyebrows, for instance, grow for about four months and then are shed. The life span of a human scalp hair is from two to four years. After the hair is sloughed off, the follicle becomes dormant for a period varying from a few weeks to several months, and then begins once again to produce hair. Since only visible hair can be treated, the initial treatment period for any given area is four months. Much of the perceived “re-growth” that occurs during electrolysis treatment is really hair emerging from dormancy. Once this hair becomes visible, it can be treated for the first time.

What is electrolysis and how does it work?

Electrolysis Hair Removal treatment is a FDA approved method of permanently removing individual hairs form the face or body for women and men. Electrolysis can be used on any area of the body such as the eyebrows, lips, cheeks, chin, sideburns, neck, armpits, breast, chest, back and bikini line areas. Electrolysis complements laser treatments! It can treat white, grey, blonde and red hairs that have have minimal pigment and cannot be removed by laser systems. Electrolysis is the process of inserting a very thin probe into the hair follicle and applying a small electrical current to the hair's root. The current destroys the cells that allow that hair to grow, and the treated hair is easily lifted out with tweezers. This follicle, if treated properly, will not grow a hair again. That's permanence!

This 3D animation shows hair removal by electrolysis. More precisely, we can see how a very fine electrolysis filament is inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair shaft. A quick computer-controlled current is then applied to destroy the hair growth cells allowing the electrologist to slide out the hair without any resistance. Electrolysis is since 1875 still the only permanent hair removal method


The treatment sensation has been described as a "sting," a "warm sensation," and "like the snap of a rubber band." Dianne uses the Apilus® equipment. It is one of the newest and most comfortable on the market. We're happy to recommend an effective over-the-counter topical anesthetic you can find at your local drug store if you choose to use one. Many people even find taking their preferred OTC analgesic like aspirin, Aleve® or Motrin® 45 minutes before their session to be very helpful.

Safe and effective . . . Electrolysis has been used to successfully remove hair permanently for over 130 years—safely and effectively on all skin and hair colors and types. Remember, it's a permanent solution and absolutely worth the time you invest. Once you reach the finish line, you're hair-free for good.


Dianne uses the latest, state of the art, Apilus Equipment. It is the quickest, the most powerful, and the most comfortable 13,56 MHz technology on the market. It integrates the exclusive iMM-Pac option and offers more than 10 treatment modalities as well as 1080 programs, allowing adaptation to all situations. Its high performance and versatility makes it the most popular electrolysis device in the world. Modalities available are: Thermolysis: Flash, MicroFlash, MultiPlex and, Blend: OmniBlend, MultiBlend which are a series of programs for insulated probes and a proportional pulsing function with variable delay. Making this the MOST COMFORTABLE procedure for her clients.


Electrolysis requires a series of treatments to achieve permanency. The number of treatments necessary varies with each client and with the area being treated. Factors such as hair growth cycles, the quantity of hair presented, temporary hair removal methods used, heredity, hormone function, certain medications and even stress—are all factors that can influence an individual's treatment program.

In general, it takes an average of 12 to 18 months to achieve absolute permanence. Hair grows in cycles that don't coincide with each other, meaning all the hair you have isn't visible all at once. Receiving electrolysis is a process in which we treat your natural hair pattern as it fills in. Adhering to a recommended treatment schedule helps you achieve optimum results in the shortest time frame. You're going to look better pretty quickly, but we want to eliminate your hair problem, not just manage it. Though it sounds like a long process, your treatment time and appointment frequency gradually reduce as we go along. It's worth the commitment to achieve the hair-free look you desire.


The FDA has approved electrolysis as the only permanent method of hair removal for all skin and hair colors, but laser-assisted hair removal can be a good first step to reducing hair in large body areas with heavy growth (ex: dense male back). Just be sure you understand that laser works best on high-contrast areas—light skin, dark hair. Generally speaking, laser treatments require at least 6 treatments spaced at least 6 weeks apart to catch hair in its various growth cycles. Laser won't work on light-colored, white hair, thin hair or red hair. Many people use electrolysis to eliminate the hairs that laser is unable to target. We're more than happy to provide electrolysis help with your post-laser clean-up.

Click here to read an article on the partnership between laser and electrolysis for hair removal.


Immediately after a treatment, your skin will be red and possibly slightly swollen. This usually resolves anywhere from an hour later to several hours later—each person is different. An ice pack can help to reduce swelling. Occasionally, tiny pinpoint scabs can form at the follicles treated. This happens more frequently on body areas, less frequently on the face. These are nature's way of healing and create no lasting effects IF you use proper aftercare. Above all, do not pick these off! Doing so risks scarring that's totally unnecessary. We'll send you home with a printed set of thorough post-treatment instructions to follow to ensure your skin has the best chance of healing without incident.


No! Tweezing and waxing takes away hair at the root. It takes from 3 –12 months (or longer) for that hair to return. You'll be prolonging your electrolysis sessions because we'll be waiting for that hair to be visible again so that it can be treated. Shaving or trimming with scissors is absolutely okay. ***Contrary to popular belief, shaving doesn't cause hair to grow thicker or more dense.

What is I'm STILL not sure if Electrolysis is the procedure for me?

Schedule an initial consultation. Dianne will give you information, education, and perform 15 minutes of the procedure so you can decide if electrolysis is right for you. The cost is only $30.



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